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which means +25% on your free BTC rolls and +12.5% on your daily interests.
The bonus is paid once a week by
The weighted mean might not be relevant, especially for short therm simulations.
You can choose to receive reward points instead of lottery tickets. This might be a good strategy if you don't expect too much on the weekly lottery. Go to your profile on and check "DISABLE LOTTERY".
If you want to maximize the number of lottery tickets, by default the simulation will purchase lottery tickets the last day with all the bitcoins available. You might want to check this option if you want to keep your balance untouched.
Day Lottery tickets (incl. used) Rewards Points Daily interests Activated bonus Balance (satoshis)
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Bonus legend

  • rp1 : Rewards Points Bonus level 1
  • rp2 : Rewards Points Bonus level 2
  • rp3 : Rewards Points Bonus level 3
  • rp4 : Rewards Points Bonus level 4
  • fb1 : Free BTC Bonus level 1
  • fb2 : Free BTC Bonus level 2
  • fb3 : Free BTC Bonus level 3
  • fb4 : Free BTC Bonus level 4
  • fb5 : Free BTC Bonus level 5
  • lt1 : Lottery Tickets Bonus level 1
  • lt2 : Lottery Tickets Bonus level 2
  • lt3 : Lottery Tickets Bonus level 3
  • lt4 : Lottery Tickets Bonus level 4


Why this website?

I wanted to create a little simulation to see what was the best way to use the "Reward points" on This simulation lets you estimate how much you can earn on a given period and tells you which bonus to use and when.

What is the "25% Bonus"?

I share half of all my referral commisions with my referrals. If you create an account using the following link: you will receive, weekly, 25% of your week gains. This bonus can be included in the simulation if you check the option in the advanced settings.

What is

It is a website which lets you win free portions of Bitcoin by playing some games such as free rolls (absolutely risk free), gambling (the house is always winner on the long run), free or paid tickets for the weekly lottery...
The site has existed for many years, and has gained a serious reputation online.

Why even play on

Here are some reasons:
  1. Because it is fun!
  2. Because you can win small portions of free Bitcoin without investing a single coin.
  3. Because you can win big on the weekly lottery (small probability, but still!).
  4. Because your little satoshis could be worth a lot in the future. Some predict that the Bitcoin could hit the $100.000 or even 1M$ bar in the future.

Create an account and start collecting your free bitcoins now.

What is a "satoshi"?

The satoshi is the smallest unit of the bitcoin. A satoshi equals 0.00000001 BTC.


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This simulation just serves to give an idea. Actual results may vary, both up and down, depending on: the BTC/USD price, games draw, if you play the multiply game, if you have referrals, if you make deposits/withdraws or win the weekly lottery...